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Colorn Refence

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  • Weight500 g
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[Shin Nong Fertilizer Inc.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Registration No.: Iksan09-Ga-1903

Patent No.: 10-1407397

Enhancement of colors, sugar content and rigidity


Color Refence


Features of Shin Nong "ColocRefence" :

Shin Nong "Color Refense" is a new fertilizer developed by the latest

technology using micronutrients, rare earth (17 elements of lanthanides),

nucleic acid, saccharide complex, sugar- and color-enhancing substances.

Shin Nong "Color Refence" catalyzes photosynthesis and metabolism to increase sugar content within cells and promote root development. It also enhances the color through bioluminescent activities of rare earth elements and facilitates photosynthesis to hasten the ripening of fruits.

Shin Nong "Color Refence" helps strengthen the leaf, stem, fruit stalk,

cell membrane of fruits to prevent them from falling and increase the weight of fruits to ensure high yield and storage quality.


Usage instructions of Shin Nong "Color Refence" :


Dilution factor

Application period




2-3 times at an interval of 15 days

during the thickening/coloring period

Improvement of fruit color, taste and size



2-3 times at an interval of 15 days

as of 15 days before the harvest

Improvement of fruit color, taste and size

Pot planting


Once a month during

the growing season

Promotion of root growth, shortening of internode length, enhancement of leaf colors



Make sure to follow the dilution factor and keep it thin at high temperatures (over 30).

Although the product can be mixed with most other pesticides, do not blend it with alkaline pesticides or other nutritional supplements.



Primary functions of major ingredients Rare earth of Color Refense.


Rare earth elements consist of 17 chemical elements15

lanthanides plus scandium and yttriumand have the following features.


1. Reducing action:

With its strong reducing power, rare earth elements remove oxygen

free radical in plants and are effective in preventing disease and slowing the aging process.

Even a very small amount can be effective.


2. Color formation :

Rare earth elements, once absorbed, move to the root apex or growing point and more than 70% of the elements combine with protein to activate growth regulators, boost production of various enzymes and promote growth of plants. Around 20% combine with pigments (chlorophyl 4.6%, xenthophyll 4.1%, carotin 10.7%) to be involved in the synthesis of chlorophyl and protein.


3. Regulation of nutrient uptake:

Rare earth elements support absorption of macroelements such as N, P, K and ensure balanced nutrition of plants, which in turn contributes to prevention of growth disorders or abnormal metabolism caused by deficiency of Ca and Mg as well as reinforcement of cell walls and cell membrane.

They also boost absorption of microelements such as Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, Mo.


4. Catalytic action :

Rare earth elements act as a catalyst for photosynthesis and metabolism to boost plant growth. They also catalyze the synthesis of endocrine hormones in plants such as GA3 or IAA.


5. Biochemical effect :

Rare earth elements have a critical effect on an organism through interaction with enzymes or growth regulators. Deficiency of Ca, Fe, Mg  

and trace minerals cause a number of enzymes to lose vitality. These

elements form a special combination with metal ions and maintain vitality. Rare earth elements demonstrate biochemical effects by combining and mixing with such ions. Rare earth affects nitrogenase to boost metabolism and disease tolerance. Rare earth elements are also involved in the synthesis of DNA or RNA through the process of hydrolysis.


6. Promotion of photosynthesis:

Rare earth elements help increase chlorophyl as a catalyst for conversion of protochlorophyll into chlorophyll.


7. Disease prevention:

Application of rare earth elements may increase production of immuno-

protein in the plant.


8. Defense against external environment :

Application of rare earth elements boosts the vitality of plant roots, which plays a crucial role in enhancing resistance against external

stress (high/low temperature, dryness, drought, heavy metal, pesticides, UV rays, etc.).



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Colorn Refence